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The Ca2+ and F- are located in CaF2 crystal respectively at face centred cubic lattice points and in

Option: 1

Tetrahedral voids

Option: 2

Half of tetrahedral voids

Option: 3

Octahedral voids

Option: 4

Half of octahedral voids

Answers (1)


As we have learnt,


CaF2 (Fluorite Structure)
  • Here Ca2+ occupies CCP and F- ions occupy all the tetrahedral voids.
  • Here coordination number of Ca2+ is 8 while for F- it is four and the effective number of Ca2+ and Fions in a unit cell are 4 and 8 respectively, here the number of formula units per unit cell is four.
    re + ra = √3a/4


In  CaF_2 crystal  Ca^{2+} occupy all corners and face centre of the cube whereas F^- occupy all tetrahedral

Therefore, Option(1) is correct

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