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The melting point of RbBr is \small 682^{\circ}C, while that of NaF is \small 988^{\circ}C. The principal reason that melting point of NaF is much higher than that of RbBr is that:

Option: 1

The internuclear distance r_c+r_a is greater for RbBr than that for NaF

Option: 2

These two crystals are not isomorphous

Option: 3

The bond in RbBr has more covalent character than the bond in NaF

Option: 4

The molar mass of NaF is smaller than that of RbBr

Answers (1)


The internuclear distance is lesser for NaF than RbBr due to which there is a strong electrostatic force of attraction in NaF. Thus, the melting point of NaF is greater than RbBr.
Therefore, Option(1) is correct

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Shailly goel

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