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Think about the following claims:

Statement I:  The second state of matter is a liquid.

Statement II:  A liquid has a certain volume but cannot take the shape of a solid.

Option: 1

Statement I is correct, while Statement II is not.

Option: 2

Statement I is false, whereas Statement II is true.

Option: 3

Both the statements are incorrect 

Option: 4

Both statements are correct.

Answers (1)


The condition of matter known as a liquid is one in which there is a known volume but no solid structure can be formed. The liquid is a substance in its second state.

 A liquid substance has loosely packed atoms and particles. Like solids, it is unable to have a certain shape. It's volumetric and quantifiable. In liquid compounds, the particles are spaced apart.

The second state of matter, after solid and before gas, is called liquid. When a material is liquid, its molecules are close together and have unrestricted movement, yet they are still drawn to one another. 

As a result, liquids can flow and adopt the form of the container they are in while maintaining a distinct volume. Plasma and Bose-Einstein condensates are two other forms of matter that have been detected, though they are less frequent in daily life.

Although a liquid is not prevented from taking the shape of a solid, it does have a fixed volume, meaning it occupies a certain amount of space. A liquid may really be cooled and changed into a solid state, at which time it will acquire a distinct shape and a distinct volume.

Temperature and pressure are two factors that can affect a substance's capacity to change from a liquid to a solid state.

For Eg, when reduced to a temperature below its freezing point, water can change from a liquid condition at ambient temperature to a solid state (ice). 

When it solidifies, it will acquire a distinct shape and volume. Hence, despite the fact that they do not have a set shape like solids, liquids have the capacity to solidify and adopt a certain shape when certain circumstances are satisfied.

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