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Which of the following epidermal cell contain mass of CaCO3?

Option: 1

Myrosin Cells

Option: 2

Bulliform Cells

Option: 3


Option: 4


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Lithocysts are specialised cells that are present in the leaves of various plants, including those in the Araceae family. They resemble stones and are hefty because they are made up of a mass of calcium carbonate crystals or other minerals. By making the leaves less palatable or more difficult to digest, lithocysts can assist in protecting the plant from herbivores. Additionally, they can add weight to the plant, which can aid in keeping it upright in windy conditions. Hence option C is correct.

Brassicaceae plants include myrosin cells, also referred to as idioblasts, which are specialised cells. They have the myrosinase enzyme, which helps break down glucosinolates, a class of chemicals that can discourage herbivores.  Hence option A is incorrect.

Large, bubble-shaped cells known as bulliform cells are seen in grass leaves. When the availability of water changes, they are involved in rolling and unrolling the leaves, which can help to prevent water loss. Hence option B is incorrect.

Trichomes, which resemble hairs and are present on the surfaces of plants, have a number of uses, including preventing water loss, defending against herbivores, and retaining moisture and nutrients. Hence option D is incorrect.


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