8. A cement company earns a profit of Rs. 8 per bag of white cement sold and a loss of Rs. 5 per bag of grey cement sold.

(b) What is the number of white cement bags it must sell to have neither profit nor loss, if the number of grey bags sold is 6,400 bags.

Answers (1)
H Harsh Kankaria


Profit earned by selling 1 bag of white cement = Rs.\ 8

Loss on 1 bag of grey cement = -Rs.\ 5

\therefore Loss on 6400 bags of grey cement = -Rs.\( 6400\times5) = -Rs.\ 32000

To be neither in profit nor loss, the profit from white cement must be Rs.\ 32000

\therefore Number of white cement bags to be sold = Rs.\ 32000\div Rs.\ 8

\\ = \frac{32000}{8} \\ = 4000

Therefore the company has to sell 4000 white cement bags.