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A godown measures 40 m × 25 m × 15 m. Find the maximum number of wooden crates each measuring 1.5 m × 1.25 m × 0.5 m that can be stored in the godown.

Q : 7    A godown measures \small 40\hspace{1mm}m\times 25\hspace{1mm}m\times 15\hspace{1mm}m. Find the maximum number of wooden crates each measuring 1.5\hspace{1mm}m\times 1.25\hspace{1mm}m\times 0.5\hspace{1mm}m that can be stored in the godown.

Answers (1)


Dimensions of the godown = \small 40\hspace{1mm}m\times 25\hspace{1mm}m\times 15\hspace{1mm}m

Dimension of each wooden crate = \small 1.5\hspace{1mm}m\times 1.25\hspace{1mm}m\times 0.5\hspace{1mm}m

We know , Volume of a cuboid = l\times b\times h

\therefore Volume of the godown = (40\times 25\times 15)\ m^3

\therefore Volume of the each crate= (1.5\times 1.25\times 0.5)\ m^3

Let number of wooden crates be n

\therefore Volume of n wooden crates = Volume of the godown

n\times(1.5\times 2.5\times 0.5)\ m^3 = (40\times 25\times 15)\ m^3

\\ \Rightarrow n = \frac{40\times 25\times 15}{1.5\times 1.25\times 0.5} \\ \\ \Rightarrow n = 80\times 20\times 10 = 16000