Q. 5.     A path 1\; m wide is built along the border and inside a square garden of side 30\; m. Find:

            (i) the area of the path.

Answers (1)
R Riya

Is is given that side of square garden is 30\; m

We know that area of square is = a^2

\Rightarrow a^2 =(30)^2 =900 \ m^2                   -(i)

Now, area of square garden without 1 m boarder is

\Rightarrow a^2 =(28)^2 =784 \ m^2                              -(ii)

Area of path is (i) - (ii)

\Rightarrow 900-784 = 116 \ m^2

Therefore,  area of path is  116 \ m^2