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A series LCR circuit with L=1. 12 H, C = 480 nF ,R = 23 omega is connected to a 230 V variable frequency

Q7.20 (b)  A series LCR circuit with L=0.12H, C=480nFR=23\Omega  is connected to a 230V variable frequency supply.

What is the source frequency for which average power absorbed by the circuit is maximum. Obtain the value of this maximum power.


Answers (1)

Since the resistor is the only element in the circuit which consumes the power, the maximum absorbed power by circuit will be maximum when power absorbed by the resistor will be maximum. power absorbed by the resistor will be maximum at when current is maximum which is the natural frequency case,

Hence when source frequency will be equal to the natural frequency, the power absorbed will be maximum.

Hence frequency


Maximum Power Absorbed