21.(b) A straight horizontal conducting rod of length 0.45 m and mass 60 g is suspended by two vertical wires at its ends. A current of 5.0 A is set up in the rod through the wires. What will be the total tension in the wires if the direction of current is reversed keeping the magnetic field same as before?
(Ignore the mass of the wires.) g = 9.8 m s ^{-2}

Answers (1)
S Sayak

If the direction of the current is reversed the magnetic force would act in the same direction as that of gravity.

Total tension in wires(T)=Gravitational force on rod + Magnetic force on the rod

\\T=mg+BIl\\ \\T=0.06\times 9.8+0.261\times 5\times 0.45\\ \\T=1.176\ N

The total tension in the wires will be 1.176 N.