4.   Adjacent figure is a vertical number line, representing integers. Observe it and locate the following points :

            (a) If point D is +8, then which point is -8 ?

            (b) Is point G a negative integer or a positive integer?

            (c) Write integers for points B and E.

            (d) Which point marked on this number line has the least value?

             (e) Arrange all the points in decreasing order of value

Answers (1)
M manish painkra

(a) If D is a +8 then F represents -8 (by counting on the vertical number line)

(b) G is a negative integer because it is below than point zero (0)

(c) Integers for point B and E are +4 and -10 respectively.

(d) E has the least value of -10

(e) Decreasing order of all the points are-