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1. Can you list 10 recombinant proteins which are used in medical practice? Find out where they are used as therapeutics (use the internet).

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Recombinant proteins are proteins produced as a result of recombinant DNA technology. In this technology, there is the transfer of some specific gene from one organism to another by using molecular tools such as biological vectors, restriction enzymes etc. Some of the proteins produced through RDT and are being used for therapeutic uses are as follows:

S.No  Name of the recombinant protein Therapeutic use of the recombinant protein
1. DNAase I To treat cystic fibrosis
2. Antithrombin III To prevent the formation of the blood clot
3. Insulin  To treat type I diabetes mellitus
4. Interferon \alpha Used for chronic hepatitis C
5. Interferon AZA Used for herpes and virus enteritis
6. Coagulation factor VIII To treat haemophilia A
7. Coagulation factor IX To treat haemophilia B
8. Interferon B To treat multiple sclerosis
9. Human growth hormone recombinant  To promote growth in humans
10. Tissue plasminogen activator  To treat the myocardial infection


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