8.35 Compare the general characteristics of the first series of the transition metals with those of the second and third series metals in the respective vertical columns. Give special emphasis on the following points:

(i) electronic configurations

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M manish

Electronic configurations-
In 1st, 2nd and 3rd transition metal series 3d, 4d and 5d orbitals are used respectively. In first series copper and zinc show unusual electronic configuration.

\\Cr = 3d^54s^1\\ Cu = 3d^{10}4s^9

 In the second transition series different electron configuration shown by following metals, 

Mo(42) = 4d5 5s1Tc(43) = 4d6 5s1Ru(44) = 4d7 5s1Rh(45) = 4d8 5s1, Pd(46) = 4d10 5s0Ag(47) = 4d10 5s1

In 3rd series there are also some metals which show this types of behaviour such as; 

W(74) = 5d4 6s2Pt(78) = 5d9 6s1