9. Discuss briefly the following:

    (a) Radioactive wastes

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S Sonika

Radioactive Wastes- 

These waste products include nonusable discards that possess radioactivity. Rdioactive wastes are of three types-

1. Wastes with low-level radioactivity- Include coolant water of atomic reactors, pond water for cooling spent fuel in reactors etc. They emit very small amounts of radioactivity. Irradiation centres, radiotherapy units and laboratories also produce wastes with low radioactivity

2. Wastes with an intermediate level of radioactivity- These include radioactive wastes of many ores which are separated during refinement of minerals.

3. Wastes with high level of radioactivity- spent fuel of atomic reactors and leakage from reactors have a very high level of radioactivity. 

The radioactive wastes have to be handled very carefully and should be dumped 500 m deep in the earth or inside sea after placing them inside very thick protective closed containers. These wastes are highly dangerous to human beings, animals, microorganisms etc. High doses cause mutations and they can even be lethal.