7.1     Discuss the general characteristics of Group 15 elements with reference to their electronic configuration, oxidation state, atomic size, ionisation enthalpy and electronegativity.

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D Devendra Khairwa

(a) The general electronic configuration of 15th group elements is  ns2 np3. The number of valence electrons present is 5.

(b)  Oxidation state:-  Since the number of valence electrons is 5 so it needs 3 more electrons to complete the octet. Thus the general oxidation state is +3 and +5.

(c)  Atomic size:- As a general trend, on moving down the group atomic size increases due to the increase in the number of shells.

(d)  Ionisation enthalpy and electronegativity:-    Due to the increase in size ionisation enthalpy as well as electronegativity decreases as we move down the group.