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Q. 6.    DL and BM are the heights on sides AB and AD respectively, of parallelogram ABCD (Fig 11.24). If the area of the parallelogram is

             1470\; cm^{2}. AB=35\; cm and AD=49\; cm, find the length of BM and DL.


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We know that

Area of parallelogram  = base \times height


Base of parallelogram(AB) = 35 cm


Height of parallelogram(DL) = h cm

\Rightarrow 1470 = 35 \times h

\Rightarrow h = \frac{1470}{35} = 42 \ cm


Area is also given by AD \times BM

\Rightarrow 1470 = 49 \times BM

\Rightarrow BM = \frac{1470}{49} = 30 \ cm

Therefore, the value of BM and DL are  is  30cm and 42cm respectively

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