Q4.    Draw a line segment of length 12.8 cm. Using compasses, divide it into four equal parts. Verify by actual measurement.

Answers (1)
D Divya Prakash Singh

The steps of constructions are:

(i) Draw a line segment AB = 12.8 cm

(ii) Draw the perpendicular bisector of \bar{AB} which cuts it at C. Thus, C is the mid-point of \bar{AB} .

(iii) Draw the perpendicular bisector of \bar{AC} which cuts it at D. Thus D is the mid-point of .

(iv) Again, draw the perpendicular bisector of \bar{CB} which cuts it at E. Thus, E is the mid-point of \bar{CB}.

(v) Now, point C, D, and E divide the line segment \bar{AB} in the four equal parts.

(vi) By actual measurement, we find that

\bar{AD} = \bar{DC} = \bar{CE} = \bar{EB} = 3.2cm