2.   Draw a rough sketch of a quadrilateral KLMN. State,

             (a) two pairs of opposite sides,

            (b) two pairs of opposite angles,

            (c) two pairs of adjacent sides,

            (d) two pairs of adjacent angles.

Answers (1)
S Sayak

The following is the sketch of a quadrilateral KLMN

(a) Two pairs of opposite sides are

    (i) KL and MN.

    (ii) LM and NK 

(b) Two pairs of opposite angles are

    (i) \angle KLM and \angle MNK

    (ii) \angle LMN and \angle NKL

(c) Two pairs of adjacent sides are

    (i) KL and LM

    (ii) LM and MN

(d) Two pairs of adjacent angles are

    (i) \angle KLM and \angle LMN

    (ii) \angle NKL and \angle MNK