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Draw an angle of 40 degrees. Copy its supplementary angle.

Q9.    Draw an angle of 40o. Copy its supplementary angle.

Answers (1)

The steps of constructions are: 

(a) Draw an angle of 40 degrees with the help of protractor, naming ∠ AOB.

(b) Draw a line PQ.

(c) Take any point M on PQ.

(d) Place the compasses at O and draw an arc to cut the rays of ∠AOB at L and N.

(e) Use the same compasses setting to draw an arc O as the centre, cutting MQ at X.

(f) Set your compasses to length LN with the same radius.

(g) Place the compasses at X and draw the arc to cut the arc drawn earlier Y.

(h) Join MY.

(i) Thus, < QMY = 40 degree and < PMY is supplementary of it.