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Draw an angle of measure 45 degrees and bisect it.

Q6.    Draw an angle of measure 45° and bisect it.

Answers (1)

The steps of constructions are:

1. Draw a ray OA

2. Taking O as the centre and convenient radius, mark an arc, which intersects OA at X.

3. Taking X as a centre and the same radius, cut the previous arc at Y. Taking Y as the centre and the same radius, draw another arc intersecting the same arc at Z.

4. Taking Y and Z as centres and the same radius, draw two arcs intersecting each other at S. Join OS. Thus, ∠SOA is a required angle of 90°.

5. Draw the bisector of ∠SOA. Hence, ∠MOA = 45°

6. Draw the bisector of ∠MOA. Hence, ∠NOA= 22.50