Q1.    Draw \anglePOQ of measure 75° and find its line of symmetry.

Answers (1)
D Divya Prakash Singh

Here, we will draw 75^{\circ} using a protractor.

We follow these steps:

1. Draw a ray OA.

2. Place the centre of the protractor on point O, and coincide line OA and Protractor line

3. Mark point B on 75 degrees.

4. Join OB

Therefore \angle AOB = 75^{\circ}

Now, we need to find its line of symmetry

that is, we need to find its bisector.

We follow these steps

1. Mark points C and D where the arc intersects OA and OB

2. Now, taking C and D as centres and with the radius more than \frac{1}{2}CD, draw arcs to intersects each other.

3. Let them intersects at point E.

4. Join O and E.

Therefore OE is the line of symmetry of \angle BOA = 75^{\circ}