3.   Draw any circle and mark

         (a) its centre

        (b) a radius

        (c) a diameter

        (d) a sector

        (e) a segment

        (f) a point in its interior

        (g) a point in its exterior

        (h) an arc

Answers (1)
S Sayak

In the above drawn circle

    (a) O is the centre of the circle.

    (b) OR is a radius of the circle.

    (c) PQ is a diameter of the circle.

    (d) Shaded region OSQ is a sector of the circle.

    (e) Shaded region ABC is a  segment of the circle.

    (f) K is a point in interior of the circle.

    (g) L is a point in exterior of the circle.

    (h) UV is an arc of the circel.