Q. 1.    Each of the following rectangles of length 6 cm and breadth 4 cm is composed of congruent polygons. Find the area of each             polygon.


Answers (1)
S safeer

The total area of rectangle =6\times 4=24cm^2

i) The first rectangle is divided into 6 equal parts. So the area of each part will be one-sixth of the total area 

area= \frac{6\times4}{6}=4cm^2

ii) The rectangle is divided into 4 equal parts, area of each part= one-forth area of rectangle= 6 cm2

iii) and (iv) are divided into two equal parts. Area of each part will be one half the total area of rectangle= 12  cm2

v) Area of rectangle is divided into 8 equal parts. Area of one part is one-eighth of the total area of rectangle = 3 cm2