Q6.14 (a) Figure shows a metal rod PQ  resting on the smooth rails AB and positioned between the poles of a permanent magnet. The rails, the rod, and the magnetic field are in three mutual perpendicular directions. A galvanometer G connects the rails through a switch K. Length of the rod=15cm ,  B=0.50T, resistance of the closed loop containing the rod=9.0m\Omega . Assume the field to be uniform. Suppose K is open and the rod is moved with a speed of 12cm\: s^{-1} in the direction shown. Give the polarity and magnitude of the induced emf.



Answers (1)
P Pankaj Sanodiya


Length of the rod


Speed of the rod


Strength of the magnetic field


induced emf in the rod


Hence 9mV emf is induced and it is induced in a way such that P is positive and Q is negative.