Q : 2      Following is the choice of sweets of 30 students of Class VI.

Ladoo, Barfi, Ladoo, Jalebi, Ladoo, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Ladoo, Barfi, Rasgulla, Ladoo, Jalebi, Jalebi, Rasgulla, Ladoo, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Ladoo, Rasgulla, Ladoo, Ladoo, Barfi, Rasgulla, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Rasgulla, Ladoo, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Ladoo.    

(a) Arrange the names of sweets in a table using tally marks.                                                             

(b) Which sweet is preferred by most of the students? 

Answers (1)
S Sayak


Sweets Tally Marks

Number of


Ladoo \bcancel{\mahsf{\mid \mid \mid \mid }}\bcancel{\mahsf{\mid \mid \mid \mid }}\mid 11
Barfi \mid \mid \mid 3
Jalebi \bcancel{\mahsf{\mid \mid \mid \mid }}\mid \mid 7
Rasgulla \bcancel{\mahsf{\mid \mid \mid \mid }}\mid \mid \mid \mid 9
Total   30

(b) Ladoo is preffered by the maximum number of students, 11 students prefer.