15.(ii)  Give possible expressions for the length and breadth of the following rectangle, in which its area is given:


    Area:    35y^2 + 13y- 12

Answers (1)
R Riya

We know that 

Area of rectangle is =  length \times breadth

It is given that area  =  35y^2 + 13y- 12

Now, by splitting the middle term method

\Rightarrow 35y^2 + 13y- 12 =35y^2+28y-15y-12

                                          = 7y(5y+4)-3(5y+4)

                                          = (7y-3)(5y+4)

Therefore, two answers are possible 

case (i) :-   Length = (5y+4)  and  Breadth = (7y-3)

case (ii) :-   Length = (7y-3)  and  Breadth = (5y+4)