13.9     Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reactions:

                (vi) C_{6}H_{5}NO_{2}\xrightarrow[]{Fe/HCl}A\xrightarrow[273K]{HNO_{2}}B\xrightarrow[]{C_{6}H_{5}OH}C

Answers (1)
M manish

Initially, product A is the reduction of nitrobenzene means it is an aniline. when A react with HNO_{2} it gives benzene diazonium chloride(B). And when B reacts with another aromatic ring (phenol) it's a coupling reaction so it gives azodye (p-Hydroxyazobenzene)

        A= Aniline                          B = benzene diazonium chloride                         C= p-Hydroxyazobenzene