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8.(i)  In countries like the USA and Canada, the temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, whereas in countries like India, it is measured in Celsius. Here is a linear equation that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius:

                    F = \left(\frac{9}{5} \right )C + 32

(i) Draw the graph of the linear equation above using Celsius for x-axis and Fahrenheit for the y-axis.

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Let celsius be on x-axis and Fahrenheit be on y-axis.

                    F = \left(\frac{9}{5} \right )C + 32

For graph,

Putting  x=0, we get  y= \left(\frac{9}{5} \right )(0)+ 32=32

Putting  x=5, we get  y= \left(\frac{9}{5} \right )(5)+ 32=41

Putting  x=10, we get  y= \left(\frac{9}{5} \right )(10)+ 32=50

Hence, points are  (0,32) , (5,41)   and (10,50).

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