2.  In Fig 7.15, AB=AC and D is the mid-point of \overline{BC}. .

            (i) State the three pairs of equal parts in \Delta ADB and \Delta ADC.
            (ii) Is \Delta ADB\cong \Delta ADC ? Give reasons.
            (iii) Is \angle B = \angle C ? Why?


Answers (1)
P Pankaj Sanodiya

Here in  \Delta ADB and \Delta ADC.

i) Three pair of equal parts are:

AD = AD ( common side ) 

BD = CD ( as d is the mid point of BC)

AB = AC (given in the question)

ii) Now, 

 by SSS Congruency rule,

\Delta ADB\cong \Delta ADC

iii) As both triangles are congruent to each other we can compare them and say

\angle B = \angle C.