14.  In the adjoining figure, name the following pairs of angles.

(i) Obtuse vertically opposite angles                                     
(ii) Adjacent complementary angles
(iii) Equal supplementary angles
(iv) Unequal supplementary angles
(v) Adjacent angles that do not form a linear pair


Answers (1)

(i)  \angle AOD\ and\ \angle BOC are the vertically obtuse angles. 

(ii)  \angle AOB\ and\ \angle AOE are the complementary angles.

(iii)  \angle BOE\ and\ \angle DOE are the equal supplementary angles.

(iv)  \angle BOC\ and\ \angle COD are the unequal pair of supplementary angle.

(v)  \angle AOB\ and\ \angle AOE,  \angle EOD\ and\ \angle COD and  \angle AOE\ and\ \angle EOD are adjacent angles but are not supplementary angles.