9.  Jaidev takes 2\frac{1}{5}  minutes to walk across the school ground. Rahul takes \frac{7}{4} minutes to do the same. Who takes less time and by what fraction?

Answers (1)
D Devendra Khairwa

Firstly, let us convert the time taken by Jaidev in improper fraction from mixed fraction.

                                      2\frac{1}{5}\ =\ \frac{10\ +\ 1}{5}\ =\ \frac{11}{5}

Now, comparing both, we have :

                             \frac{11}{5}\ >\ \frac{7}{4}

Also,               \frac{11}{5}\ -\ \frac{7}{4}\ =\ \frac{11\times 4\ -\ 7\times 5}{20}\ =\ \frac{9}{20}

Hence Rahul takes less time as compared to Jaidev by   \frac{9}{20}\ minute   fraction.