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1.  Name the types of following triangles :

            (a) Triangle with lengths of sides 7 cm, 8 cm and 9 cm.

            (b) \Delta ABC with AB = 8.7 cm, AC = 7 cm and BC = 6 cm.

            (c) \Delta PQR such that PQ = QR = PR = 5 cm.

            (d) \Delta DEF with m\angle D=90^{\circ}

            (e) \Delta XYZ with m\angle Y=90^{\circ} and XY = YZ.

            (f) \Delta LMN with m\angle L=30^{\circ}, m\angle M=70^{\circ} and m\angle N=80^{\circ}

Answers (1)


(a) Scalane Triangle.

(b) Scalane Triangle.

(c) Equilateral Triangle.

(d) Right angled Triangle.

(e) Right angled isosceles Triangle.

(f) Acute angled Triangle.

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