Q. 6.     Saima wants to put a lace on the edge of a circular table cover of diameter 1.5 \; m. Find the length of the lace required and also find its cost if one meter of the lace costsRs.15. (Take \pi =3.14)

Answers (1)
G Gautam harsolia

It is given that diameter of a circular table is 1.5m.

We know that

Circumference of circle is = 2\pi r

\Rightarrow 2 \times \frac{22}{7}\times \frac{1.5}{2} = 4.71 \ m

Now, length of the lace required is 

\Rightarrow  circumference of circle = 4.71 \ m

Now,  cost of lace at Rs.15 \; per \; meter is 

\Rightarrow 4.71 \times 15 = 70.65 \ Rs

Therefore, length of the lace required is  4.71 m and   cost of lace at  Rs.15 \; per \; meter  is  Rs 70.65