Q7.    \left\{x\cos\left(\frac{y}{x} \right ) + y\sin\left(\frac{y}{x} \right ) \right \}ydx = \left\{y\sin\left(\frac{y}{x} \right ) - x\cos\left(\frac{y}{x} \right ) \right \}xdy

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M manish

\frac{dy}{dx} =\frac{x \cos(y/x)+y\sin(y/x)}{y\sin(y/x)-x\cos(y/x)}.\frac{y}{x} = F(x,y)......................(i)
By looking at the equation we can directly say that it is a homogenous equation.

Now, to solve substitute y = vx

Differentiating on both sides wrt x
\frac{dy}{dx}= v +x\frac{dv}{dx}
Substitute this value in equation (i)

\\=v+x\frac{dv}{dx} =\frac{v \cos v+v^{2}\sin v}{v\sin v-\cos v}\\ =x\frac{dv}{dx} = \frac{2v\cos v}{v\sin v-\cos v}\\ =(\tan v-1/v)dv = \frac{2dx}{x}

integrating on both sides, we get

\\=\log(\frac{\sec v}{v})= \log (Cx^{2})\\=\sec v/v =Cx^{2}
substitute the value of v= y/x , we get

\\\sec(y/x) =Cxy \\ xy \cos (y/x) = k

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