2.  Some pictures (a) to (c) are given below. Tell which of them show:

 (i) 3\times \frac{1}{5}= \frac{3}{5}          (ii) 2\times \frac{1}{3}= \frac{2}{3}             (iii) 3\times \frac{3}{4}= 2\frac{1}{4}



Answers (1)
P Pankaj Sanodiya

(i) 3\times \frac{1}{5}= \frac{3}{5}

As in option (c), In the Left-hand side, there are three figures in which the one part out of three-part is shaded and in the right-hand side, three out of five portions are shaded.

Hence this represents 

 3\times \frac{1}{5}= \frac{3}{5}.

(ii) 2\times \frac{1}{3}= \frac{2}{3}

Option (a) represents the equation pictorially.

(iii) 3\times \frac{3}{4}= 2\frac{1}{4}

Option (b) represents this equation pictorially.