2.(i) (Street Plan) : A city has two main roads which cross each other at the centre of the city. These two roads are along the North-South direction and East-West direction. All the other streets of the city run parallel to these roads and are 200 m apart. There are 5 streets in each direction. Using 1cm = 200 m, draw a model of the city on your notebook. Represent the roads/streets by single lines.

There are many cross- streets in your model. A particular cross-street is made by two streets, one running in the North-South direction and another in the East-West direction. Each cross street is referred to in the following manner: If the 2nd street running in the North-South direction and 5th in the East-West direction meet at some crossing, then we will call this cross-street (2, 5). Using this convention, find:

  (i) how many cross - streets can be referred to as (4, 3).

Answers (1)
D Divya Prakash Singh

(i) From the figure:

Coordinate Geometry

There is only one cross - streets which can be referred to as (4, 3).