6. Take the data giving the minimum and the maximum temperature of various cities given in the beginning of this Chapter (Table 3.1). Plot a double bar graph using the data and answer the following:
(i) Which city has the largest difference in the minimum and maximum temperature on the given date?
(ii) Which is the hottest city and which is the coldest city?
(iii) Name two cities where maximum temperature of one was less than the minimum temperature of the other.
(iv) Name the city which has the least difference between its minimum and the maximum temperature.

Answers (1)

Table 3.1 is 

The double bar graph is :

(i) From the graph,

Jammu has the largest difference between the maximum and minimum temperature bars.

\therefore Jammu is the city with the largest difference in its maximum temperature and minimum temperatures on the given date.


(ii) The city with the maximum temperature would be the hottest.

And the city with the least temperature will be the coolest. 

According to the graph, Jammu has the highest maximum temperature bar.

\therefore Jammu is the hottest city.

Also, the lowest minimum temperature bar is of Bangalore.

\therefore Bangalore is the coolest city.


(iii)  Maximum temperature of Bangalore is 28^{\circ}C

The minimum temperature of Jaipur is 29^{\circ}C

\therefore The required pair of two cities are: Bangalore and Jaipur


(iv) Mumbai is a city with the least difference in its maximum temperature and minimum temperatures.