10. Using various resources such as your school library or the internet and discussions with your teacher, trace the evolutionary stages of any one animal, say horse.

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S Sonika

The evolutionary stages of a horse are as follows: 

Period Name of the evolutionary stage Features of the animal                                                     
Eocene Eohippus It has 4 toes, all of them are functional. Head and neck are short
Oligocene Mesohippus A slight increase in height with 3 toes on each foot
Miocene Merychippus It was 100 cm tall with 3 toes on each foot. Molars were present
Pliocene Pliohippus It had a single functional toe with a splint in 2 and 4 of each limb. They are 108 cm tall. 
Pleistocene Eqqus They have one tow in each foot. For grinding they have molars, and for cutting they have incisors