4. Try to trace the various components of human evolution (hint: brain size and function, skeletal structure, dietary preference, etc.)

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S Sonika

The various components of human evolution involve the age of appearance, brain capacity, posture, locomotion, height, body hairs, dietary preferences, skeletal structure, cranium structure etc. A summary of human evolution based on these components is as follows:

  Name of the Organisms Brain capacity in cm^{^{3}} Posture                          Dietary preferences  Some other features      
1. Dryopithecus   not known Bent, ape-like  Soft fruits and leaves Equal sized arms and legs, large canines
2. Ramapithecus not known Semi-erect, more man-like seeds and nuts Large molars, small canines
3. Australopithecus 500 Fully erect Herbivorous Small canines, hunted with stones
5. Homo habilis 650-800 Fully erect Carnivorous Toolmakers with small canines
6. Homo erectus 900 Fully erect Omnivorous  Used tools made of stones and bones
7. Homo neanderthalnsis 1400 Fully erect Omnivorous Cave dwellers used to hide their bodies
8. Homo sapiens 1200-1600 Fully erect Omnivorous Highly intelligent, social