2.3) Two charges 2\mu C and -2\mu C are placed at points A and B 6 cm apart. (a) Identify an equipotential surface of the system.

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P Pankaj Sanodiya

Given, 2 charges with charges  2\mu C and -2\mu C.

An equipotential plane is a plane where the electric potential is the same at every point on the plane. Here if we see the plane which is perpendicular to line AB and passes through the midpoint of the line segment joining A and B, we see that at every point the electric potential is zero because the distance of all the points from two charged particles is same. Since the magnitude of charges is the same they cancel out the electric potential by them.

Hence required plane is plane perpendicular to line AB and passing through the midpoint of AB which is 3cm away from both charges.