8. Vidya and Pratap went for a picnic. Their mother gave them a water bottle that contained 5 litres of water. Vidya consumed \frac{2}{5} of the water. Pratap consumed the remaining water.

          (i) How much water did Vidya drink?
          (ii) What fraction of the total quantity of water did Pratap drink?

Answers (1)
P Pankaj Sanodiya


Total water  = 5 litre.

i) The amount of water vidya consumed :

=\frac{2}{5}\:\:o\!f 5\:liter=\frac{2}{5}\times5=2\:liter

Hence vidya consumed 2 liters of water from the bottle.

ii) The amount of water Pratap consumed :

=\left (1-\frac{2}{5} \right )\:\:o\!f 5\:liter=\frac{3}{5}\times5=3\:liter

Hence, Pratap consumed 3 liters of water from the bottle.