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What are enzymes? Write in brief the mechanism of enzyme catalysis.

5.13 What are enzymes ? Write in brief the mechanism of enzyme catalysis.


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M manish

Enzymes are that substance which is produced by living plants and animals. These are the complex nitrogenous organic compound. Actually, it is a protein molecule of high molecular weight and forms colloidal solution on dissolving in water.

Brief mechanism of enzyme catalysis-

On the surface of enzymes, active centres are present of different shape and size and possess active groups like -NH_{2},-COOH,-SH,-OH etc. The substrate which has complementary shape, attach into these active sites just like a key fits into a lock. As a result, an active complex formed, later on, which becomes a product.

step 1. Binding of an enzyme to the substrate to form complex (E+S\rightarrow ES^{*})

step 2.To product formation, decomposition of the activated complex  (ES^{*}\rightarrow E+P)