Q. 1.     What cross-sections do you get when you give a

             (i) vertical cut          (ii) horizontal cut

             to the following solids?

             (a) A brick        (b) A round apple          (c) A die     (d) A circular pipe        (e) An ice cream cone

Answers (1)

a )  A brick

i ) Vertical cut 

A vertical cut gives a square or rectangular crossection

ii )  The horizontal cut  gives rectangular crossection

b ) A round apple 

In both, the case crossection will be circular in shape approximately

c ) A die

both the cut will give a square shape

d ) A circular pipe 

i ) A vertical cut will give a circular shape

ii ) The horizontal cut  gives a rectangular shape

e ) An ice cream cone

i) The vertical cut gives a triangular shape

ii) The horizontal cut gives a circular shape