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10. What initiatives were taken for reducing vehicular air pollution in Delhi? Has air quality improved in Delhi?

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Delhi is considered to be one of the most polluted cities. The major reasons of Delhi being polluted include increased fossil fuel consumption, increased number of industries etc. Government has taken several steps in order to minimise the vehicular air pollution. Some of these steps are as follows: 

1. Introduction of CNG- The supreme court of India in the year 2006, in order to reduce the air pollution, decided that all the public transports such as buses, autos etc will have CNG i.e. compressed natural gas. This is a clean fuel that spreads less pollution.

2. Use of unleaded petrol and non-sulphur petrol and diesel.

3. Phasing out of old vehicles because they cause more pollution.

4. Use of catalytic converters in the automobiles.

5. Implementation of BHARAT stage I in order to control pollution levels

All these steps led to a reduction in the pollution levels in Delhi. The air quality has improved after this as there is a fall in carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. 

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