3. What is meant by the term ‘breed’? What are the objectives of animal breeding?

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S Sonika

The term 'breed' refers to a group of animals that are related to each other by means of descent and are similar in most of their characteristics characters like general appearance, features, size, configuration etc. Different breeds can be improved via processes of animal breeding The term animal breeding is the production of improved breeds of domesticated animals by improving their genotypes through selective mating. 

Objectives of animal breeding

The process of animal breeding is carried out keeping in mind certain specific objectives as per the demand of breeders. Some of the main objectives of animals breeding are as follows:

1. For improving the growth rate

2. For increased production of milk, meat, egg, wool etc

3. For obtaining a superior quality of milk, meat, eggs, wool etc

4. For improving the resistance to various diseases 

5. To increase productivity as well as reproductivity