12. Why is the Human Genome project called a mega project?

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S Sonika

Human Genome project is called a mega project because its specific goal is to sequence every base pair in the human genome. HGP took approximately 13 years to accomplish in 2006. The main aim of HGP was to develop new technology and generate new information in genomic studies. Because of this project, many new areas have opened in genetics. Thus HGP is a mega project.

human genome project was called a mega project because it had involved a lot of money most advanced technologies numerous computer many scientist and a long span of time the magnitude of the project can be imagined by visualising  that it was aimed to find out the complete DNA sequence of humans genome which is said to have approximately {3×10}9 base pair the cost of the product can be imagined that if the cost of sequencing a base pair is $3 sequencing of {3×10}9 base pair would be billion dollar further if the data is to be stored in book with each book having 1000 pages and each page is having 1000 letters some 3300 books will be required.