9.24     Write down the IUPAC name for the following complex and indicate the oxidation state, electronic configuration and coordination number. Also give stereochemistry and magnetic moment of the complex:

                  (iii) [CrCl_{3}(py)_{3}]

Answers (1)

The IUPAC name of the given compound is Trichloridotripyridinechromium (III).

The oxidation state of Cr in this compound is +3. 

The electronic configuration is d3.

The coordination number of this compound is 6.

The magnetic moment of a compound is given by : 

                                                                                      =\ \sqrt{n(n+2)}                                  Here n is the number of the unpaired electrons.

 or                                                                                  =\ \sqrt{3(3+2)}\ =\ \sqrt{15}BM