Q : 4    Write each of the following as decimals:
(a)    \small \frac{5}{10}        (b)   \small 3+\frac{7}{10}        (c)   \small 200+60+5+\frac{1}{10}        (d) \small 70+\frac{8}{10}
(e)  \small \frac{88}{10}          (f)  \small 4\frac{2}{10}                (g) \small \frac{3}{2}                (h) \small \frac{2}{5}      (i)  \small \frac{12}{5}         (j)  \small 3\frac{3}{5}     (k)  \small 4\frac{1}{2}

Answers (1)
P Pankaj Sanodiya

As we know when we divide a number by 10, the result is that number with a decimal after one digit,(we count the digit from right to left).

So Keeping that in mind,


    \small \frac{5}{10}=0.5        


 \small 3+\frac{7}{10}=3+0.7=3.7       


   \small 200+60+5+\frac{1}{10}=265+0.1=265.1        


\small 70+\frac{8}{10}=70+0.8=70.8

 \small \frac{88}{10}=8.8         


  \small 4\frac{2}{10}=4+\frac{2}{10}=4+0.2=4.2                


 \small \frac{3}{2}=\frac{3}{2}\times\frac{5}{5}=\frac{15}{10}=1.5                


 \small \frac{2}{5}=\frac{2}{5}\times\frac{2}{2}=\frac{4}{10}=0.4     


  \small \frac{12}{5}=\frac{12}{5}\times\frac{2}{2}=\frac{24}{10}=2.4        


 \small 3\frac{3}{5}=3+\frac{3}{5}=3+\frac{3}{5}\times\frac{2}{2}=3+\frac{6}{10}=3+0.6=3.6    


 \small 4\frac{1}{2}=4+\frac{1}{2}=4+\frac{1}{2}\times\frac{5}{5}=4+\frac{5}{10}=4+0.5=4.5