13.7     Write short notes on the following:

                (v) Ammonolysis

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M manish

When an alkyl or benzyl halide is going to react with the solution of ammonia(an ethanolic) undergoes nucleophilic substitution reaction in which the halogen atom is replaced by an amino (-NH_{2}) group. This process of cleavage of the carbon-halogen(C-X) bond by ammonia molecule is known as ammonolysis.


When this substituted ammonium salt is treated with a strong base it gives primary amine
RN^{+}H_{3}X^{-}+NaOH\rightarrow R-NH_{2}+H_{2}O+NaX

  • Above primary amine is behaves as a nucleophile and can further react with an alkyl halide to form secondary and tertiary amines and finally quaternary ammonium salt.