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1.Suresh had water and milk mixture in a container with water.milk =5:7 .He spills 9 liters of the mixture and fills the container with water equal in quantity to spilled mixture.Now water to milk ratio is 9:7 .How much milk did the container initially have? ?

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Water;to;Milk;ratio=5:7\* Let;common;factor;be;k\* Now,;when;we;remove;9;liters;mixture,\* milk;removed=frac75+7	imes 9=5.25\* water;removed=frac55+7	imes 9=3.75\* Now,;9;liter;water;is;added,\* So,;Water;quantity;5k-3.75+9=5k+5.25\* Milk;quantity;7k-5.25\* Now,;fracwatermilk=frac97\* 	herefore frac5k+5.257k-5.75=frac97\* Rightarrow k=3\* So,;amount;milk;initially;was;7k=7	imes3=21;litres\*

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Deependra Verma

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