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A boy covers a distance of 30 km in 5 hours partly on foot at the rate of 3.5 kmph and partly on cycle at 9kmph. Find the distance covered on foot.

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Let the distance covered on foot be x km.
Then, the distance covered on bicycle= (30-x)km
Time taken to cover x km at 3.5 kmph = fracx3.5hours
Time taken to cover (30-x) km at 9kmph = (frac30-x9)hours
	herefore fracx3.5+frac30-x9=5 

Rightarrow frac10x35+frac30-x9=5
Rightarrow frac90x+35(30-x)315=5

Rightarrow 90x+1050-35x=1575

Rightarrow 55x=525

Rightarrow x=9.54

Hence the distance covered by foot is 9.54 km.

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Deependra Verma

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